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Seven reasons to love carpet

We all know about the visual appeal of carpet flooring. It adds warmth and luxury to a home, and comes in so many styles, colors, and patterns; it can work in any environment, from traditional to contemporary.

Even shag rugs, once an icon of decades past with their gold, green and brown hues, now come in wild colors, such as purple, blue, red, and green, can be the ideal fit for the more modern and quirky environments.

That’s reason number one.

JM Carpets Flooring Design Center is a 40-year-old company that, for 11 consecutive years, has been the Peoples’ Choice for “Best of Area Flooring Store.” We’re a locally owned Mohawk Elite Color center and is a member of the World Flooring Association, as well as the Wisconsin Flooring Association.

Our inventory includes hardwood, tile, laminate, luxury vinyl, vinyl, and waterproof flooring. Every flooring material has different properties, so one of our specialties is to install the right way for every type, whether it’s a residential or commercial installation.

We have a showroom is in Fort Atkinson, WI, and service the surrounding areas including Jefferson County, Lake Mills, Whitewater and Cambridge. Call us for a free estimate.
Luxury carpet in Fort Atkinson, WI from JM Carpets Flooring Design Center
Here are some other benefits. Carpet is:

  1. A noise insulator. Ever notice how sounds and echoes seem to bounce all around the walls? Worse yet, you might hear footsteps or beeping from electronic devices. Beyond that are those muffled phone conversations.

    Carpet provides a cushion that absorbs all those sounds.

  2. An energy saver. Unlike tile, (which transfers heat), carpet holds on to heat. That helps keep the room warm, saving on heating bills.

  3. Able to visually expand a space. Wall-to-wall covers one big space with no seams to create visual breaks, making the room appear larger.

  4. Safer.Any falls are much softer. They also, however, provide traction, so if kids or pets run, they won’t slip when they turn corners and, hence, crash into walls and hurt themselves.

  5. Healthy. Yes! You can have carpet even if you also have allergies and asthma. Pollutants and undesirable particles get trapped into the fibers where they will stay until they are steam cleaned out.

  6. Comfort. Have you ever noticed how tired you get from walking around shopping malls, or how your lower back and legs ache when you stand on hard surfaces for long periods? That because your foot absorbs the shock and, with every step, the whole body gets a jolt. Carpet provides enough cushioning to soak up the shock.