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Waterproof flooring WPC for the highest level of protection

Call it luxury vinyl 2.0 because it’s an advanced version of this material. Already waterproof and durable, this one comes with a WPC(wood plastic composite) core that’s super-strong, makes the material even thicker and more durable, and even more waterproof than it already is.

The advanced level of protection is the only difference; your home will still get that high-end, high-designed look.

JM Carpets Flooring Design Center is a 40-year-old company that, for 11 consecutive years, has been the Peoples’ Choice here for “Best of Area Flooring Store.” We’re also are recipients of other awards, for instance, from the Atkinson Chamber of Commerce, and we’re a member of the World Flooring Association.

Our inventory includes hardwood, tile, laminate, luxury vinyl, vinyl, and waterproof flooring. We know that every floor installation has different requirements and needed skills, so one of our specialties is to install the right way for every type, whether it’s a residential or commercial installation.

Our showroom is in Fort Atkinson, WI and we service the surrounding areas including Jefferson County, Lake Mills, Whitewater, and Cambridge. Call us for a free estimate.

Why do I need it?

Everyone needs a floor with waterproof WPC, whether or not your area is prone to storms. Pipes can burst, especially in freezing cold winters. Washing machine hoses become corroded and flood. Dishwashers can leak. And just because it’s in one room doesn’t mean it can’t spread to another and ultimately harm that flooring, too.
Waterproof flooring in Fort Atkinson, WI from JM Carpets Flooring Design Center
It’s also not just about water, but also moisture and humidity. We create plenty ourselves, just boiling water can create enough steam to wreak havoc. When trapped, moisture provides the perfect atmosphere for mold and mildew to start growing. It only takes 12 hours and, when it happens, you get immense damage, an odor you can’t get rid of, and respiratory problems such as a nagging cough and sore throat.

Humidity can also cause mechanical problems by causing rust, causing operational failures and creating the need to replace parts, a costly endeavor. It also creates little moisture pockets in walls which result in peeling and flaking.

Waterproof (WPC) floors eliminate all water and moisture concerns.

What about style?

You get all the same style as luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), an incredibly realistic mimic of wood, stone, or tile, thanks to high definition photography.It can even be cut into planks and tile-sized pieces for more realism, and there are texturing features that can made it look wire-brushed, distressed, or antiqued. Like LVF, waterproof is easy to care for. A sweep and mop will do the trick every time. It’s also easy to install, as it’s a “floating” installation that can either be glue-down or click-and-lock method.