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Why hardwood flooring?

Hardwood floors give your home a rich, classic, timeless elegance. While you’re thinking of installing new floors, consider hardwood. JM Carpets Flooring Design Center is a 40-year-old company who, for 10 consecutive years, has been the Peoples’ Choice here for “Best of Area Flooring Store.” We carry a full inventory of flooring that includes hardwood, tile, laminate, luxury vinyl, vinyl, and waterproof flooring.We know that every flooring type has different properties, so one of our specialties is to install the right way for every type, whether it’s a residential or commercial installation. Our showroom is in Fort Atkinson, WI and we service the surrounding areas including Jefferson County, Lake Mills, Whitewater, and Cambridge. Call us for a free estimate.

Five good reasons to choose wood floors

  1. They’re available in many species and colors. They also have gorgeous color undertones. Those are secondary colors that give your floor a certain, subtle shading, such as mahogany with red or orange undertones. When you coordinate the floor with the wall colors, upholstery, art, or even views, you’ll be adding a certain “wow” factor to a home.

  2. They increase property values. First, you’ll recoup 70 or 80 percent of the cost, as seen in your property assessment. Theoretically, a house worth $200,000 can become worth 216,000. Second, real estate sales associates from around the country tell us that buyers will often pay 2.5 percent over the asking price for a home with these floors. Third, there’s just the visual appeal, and houses with high appeal just sell faster.

  3. Durable. All hardwood is strong, but some like maple, oak, hickory, as well as exotics, are the toughest. Of course use common-sense, everyday rules such as using protective furniture pads so as not to scratch or not wearing stilettos on the floor.

  4. Cost-effective. There might be a little sticker shock in the beginning, but when you look at the overall picture, hardwood is really quite affordable. For one, it lasts for years, sometimes as much as 100, and often looks better with age. Usually, when they start to look worn, all it takes is a refinishing to bring back the luster. That adds up to zero replacement costs.

  5. Easy maintenance. Just sweep, vacuum and wipe spills immediately.
Just remember that hardwood, especially solid wood, can warp if exposed to a lot of liquid. Wipe spills immediately and never submerge it in water. There’s another version, engineered hardwood that, because of its construction, can handle water and moisture better, but you still need to take precautions.